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Upon receipt of the signed form, the mandate lasts approximately 3 months. During this period, I undertake to prospect, organize visits to properties, corresponding to the clients' criteria and liaise between the different actors (management agencies, guarantee organizations, insurance companies, SIG) necessary for the allocation of the desired accommodation..Registration is free, and there are no application fees. The commission, in the amount of a c.c. rent, is only payable upon signature of the lease contract. In the event that you do not comply with the general conditions, I reserve the right to take legal action against you at your expense.
This contract acts as a power of attorney, after each visit and with your agreement, only, you authorize me to complete the registration forms and sign them on your behalf, in order to facilitate the correct procedure for obtaining real estate. .


By signing the registration form, you agree not to put me at odds, as well as the management/owner who will allocate a property to you. In the event of a dispute, I reserve the right to request an amount equal to damages.
In the event of withdrawal for an apartment allocated to you (after establishment of the lease contract), you will be charged the amount of rent. In the event of false documents submitted, you will also be charged the amount of rent.
All your personal information is held in professional secrecy.

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